Inner Leadership Programs
(Self Development Programs)


Inner Leadership is all about connecting with the leader within. In other words, it is to lead the self. Our Inner Leadership programs stem from the awareness that great leaders are not born, however everyone has inherent strengths that can be harnessed and developed into potential leadership competencies.

Understanding one’s own traits and strengths deeply is the key to awaken them. At LBG, we aim to address the main challenges faced by professionals as they continue to move up the career ladder. For us, a challenge is always an opportunity to grow and develop. Our expertise lies in identifying, engaging and motivating leaders to unleash their greatest potential to work and help them see life beyond the mundane.

Our workshops are customized to cater to specific organizational needs and meet desired business deliverables.

Inner Leadership Programs Include –

Leading from the Heart

Thinking Out of the Box

Mindful Leadership

Making Work a Pleasure

From Stress to Aliveness

Emotional Maturity

The Art of Decision Making

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