Even after all this time, The sun never says to the earth,
"You Owe Me."
Look what happens with a love like that, It lights the Whole Sky.~~ Hafiz

Gift Economy?

The idea, is to live in the state of gratitude, from a place where we give our time, skills, passion, and others give back (in money or otherwise) whatever feels right to them. No more contracting, no more fixed prices. Instead, much more love for the work and deeper connection between people.

The primary idea is to do the work to fulfill the unquantifiable needs of human beings like connection, love, play, art, the need to know and be known which all are related to the growth of the human spirit. We are trying to fill these infinite needs with debased art, love, science, beauty, knowledge when we just work for money. We have sold them out. When fixed price commercial app guides science, we end up with not science but pseudoscience in service of profit. When art bows to just money we get art, a self conscious self caricature, when beauty is to sell product and wealth tries to buy love. The age of sell out is over. To meet these unquantifiable needs, We're open to work in the spirit of gift.

What Inspired Us

The universe conspired to bring to us these two amazing books -- reinventing organizations and sacred economics, that have deeply influenced our thoughts. They have inspired us to move out of our comfort zones and encouraged us to welcome an alternate way of living and working.

If you want to know more about gift consciousness but don't have time to read a book then read our blog here.

Our Journey So Far

View of the road

Being deeply inspired by the idea to live and work in the spirit of gift, each one of us have made major changes in our lifestyles from the way we were living earlier and have welcomed transitions to bring us to a space with the pure intention of offering our services and professional work as a gift and allowing clients to decide how much they would value our work and thus decide the remuneration. The journey has been interesting so far with mixed experiences. We have come across very generous individuals who are aligned to this spirit and have showed their kindness and appreciation by hosting us as guests to the places we travelled or valuing our work and offering to pay a decent amount. However we have also come across a good majority who aren't comfortable working in gift consciousness. Working without signing bonds, agreements and contracts was simply unknown to them. The greatest challenge has been to deal with our own fears and insecurity about money that crop up from time to time. However life has been very generous so far, each time we get tensed, life has its own way of a workaround and we find ourselves back in flow very soon. Nevertheless we are on a journey where we keep evolving constantly with all the rich and diverse experiences and do trust that we would be able to share this spirit of gift with the world in the fullest sense very soon.

Lets Be Genuine LLP