People may be annoyed at you for being different & not living by society's standards,
but deep down they wish they had the same openness & courage to follow their heart.~~ Let's Be Genuine

Meet Your Creative Friends

Ranjana Balyan

I grew up in the city of Mumbai, attuned to the fast paced life of the city while simultaneously being exposed to spiritual teachings from a young age. After completing my engineering and spending a couple of years in the software industry, I spent a decade serving as a program coordinator at a spiritual organization and facilitating several leadership development, self empowerment and meditation workshops for senior leaders and executives of various companies across industries all over the country. I have always been intrigued by deeper questions in life and have been on a passionate journey of self exploration, realizing that connecting with the authentic self is what really matters. Currently I am freelancing in the areas of content writing, mentoring & facilitation. I believe in the power of words and their ability to communicate the most complex ideas in the simplest possible way. But at the same time, I feel deeply aligned with the fact that words are mere pointers & they can just point to reality.

Rohit Balyan

After completing my engineering in Computer Science from Dehradun Institute of Technology, I worked in the software industry with companies like Niit Technologies, and Sapient Corporation for more than 7 years before finally saying good bye to the corporate culture to follow my heart and start living life fully. My spiritual quest had brought me to the realization that work, life and leisure are not separate from each other but are all integrated into one whole. This led to intense transitions within me in the last few years, that have left me feeling like a new person. I deeply feel that staying connected to the self and the natural flow of life is what brings out the aliveness in us and makes our lives truthful. So here I am, exploring and keeping myself very open to all the wonderful opportunities and gifts that life presents me with and eager to genuinely use my skills in Graphic Design and Photography to do professional work. Travel, sports and biking is what I enjoy the most and try to integrate all of that with work. My wife and I travel regularly whilst also blogging, doing photography and working simultaneously. We are both nature lovers and are passionate about exploring India by road.

Raman Balyan

Since childhood, I was always consumed by questions like, "Where did I come from?" "Why am I here?" "Where will I go after death?" etc. I started with science and reason as the source of truth and tried to figure out the answers. But I felt, my development of reason and intellect was not enough to get closer to any truth I really care about. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that none of the usual options life presents to an engineering graduate attracted me. Though my career began with a giant IT organization (TCS), I soon quit my lucrative job in 2013 to start off on a journey of exploring life on my own. I turned myself inside-out to try a number of new things to get diverse experiences. To some extent, I fulfilled my deep quest to travel and lived a flexible life where I managed to work as a Digital nomad. I am deeply inspired to work in gift consciousness and believe that our skills are gifts for the world. I have been freelancing for the last couple of years in the areas of web application development and am very passionate about writing, traveling, biking and reading.

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